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Localization Research Executive

Job Responsibilty : 
  1. Sourcing for Localization of Level 2 activities including activity of F/S Study, QAV2 1, etc.
  2. Creating the sensing function of potential new localization supplier.
  3. Other activities fit by Head of Department.
  4. Coordinate & represent HMSB for localization purpose activity between Supplier and / or Internal Department.

Requirement : 

  1. Degree in Engineering / Cost Accounting / Business Admin, or any related field.
  2. Knowledge, skills, aptitude, and able to perform arithmetic skills.
  3. Good command in both written & spoken, BM & English.
  4. Willing to work in highly challenging & fast moving environment.
  5. MS Office applications, especially MS PowerPoint & MS Excel.
  6. Analytical/detail, problem solving, process oriented, results-driven, time management & planning skills.
  7. Able to conduct meetings, presentation, and Lead activities.