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Customer Report Management Executive

Job Responsibilty : 
  1. Responsible in managing all Division report & data.
  2. Ensure accuracy & validity of reporting & data at all time.
  3. Conduct rigorous data analysis to identify key opportunities for improvement.
  4. Lead improvement on overall Division report and data.
  5. CUSCOM Management Report:
    1. Lead in providing value added input to Sales & After Sales Division for improvement on case management.
    2. Coordinate report preparation and presentation across key divisions for management review.
  6. Sales & After Sales Operations Meeting:
    1. Prepare presentation material for Operations Meeting involving dealerships nationwide.
  7. Management Report & PDCA:
    1. Prepare and compile report and PDCA for management review.
  8. Daily CUSCOM Data:
    1. Act as backup during the absence of other PIC.
    2. Oversee case data, identify any irregularities and coordinate efforts for correction.
    3. Communicate with other departments and divisions on cases data for their next action.
  9. Case Data Management:
    1. Check and verify the requested data is correct based on the request criteria.
    2. Ensure the data request complete in timely manner.

Requirement : 

  1. Candidate must possess at least Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent.
  2. High proficient in Microsoft Excel & PowerPoint.
  3. Good presentation skills.
  4. Able to use the information gathered to propose & make the right decisions.
  5. Exceptional attention to details.
  6. Able to adapt to fast moving environment.
  7. Good command in Bahasa Malaysia & English.