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Honda Genuine Maintenance-Free Battery

Panasonic batteries have been designed and meticulously engineered with substantial input and consultation from us. By collaborating closely with Honda, Panasonic has successfully created a battery that is perfectly suitable for Honda vehicles. Equip your vehicle with a Panasonic battery and enjoy the ride of your life.

Get Genuine for Honda Quality Performance

  • Meets the rigorous specifications set by Honda R&D
  • Built for long battery life and Honda-quality performance
  • Perfect match for your Honda car

Fuss-Free Maintenance

Visit a Honda dealer and a trained technician will test your battery or install a new Honda Genuine Maintenance-Free Battery if you need one.

25% longer life compared to standard batteries

FB battery life cycle is laboratory tested, and has performed according to actual traffic situations in Thailand and Japan. As the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for Honda, they have passed a variety of optimal Honda-quality tests.

Battery water refill not required

This maintenance-free battery features a specially designed cap that protects it from water leaks and reduces acid evaporation.

Power retention without recharging (up to 1 month)

FB batteries have lower self-discharge and are able to power on for as long as one month.