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Honda Genuine Brake Pad & Shoe

As for disk brakes, braking is resulted from the friction of a rotating disk being clamped by the brake pad. This friction will cause wear to the brake pad material.

However, as for the drum brake, brake shoe works as the friction component.

Honda has pursued thoroughly to achieve maximum braking performance from R&D stage, maintaining the best balance between braking force and durability.

Advantages of Honda Genuine Brake Pad & Shoe

Brake replacement component for all Honda cars such as brake pad replacement for front and rear disk brake. Brake shoe is the replacement for drum brakes are lined up.

  • 1

    100% non asbestos material is used to be safe the environment.

  • 2

    Well balanced between brake force and comfortable braking feel is achieved and tested with various temperature conditions.

  • 3

    Superior fading resistance and control characteristics are integrated to Honda Genuine Brake pad and brake shoe.