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Why servicing at Honda Authorised Service Centres is important

Honda Authorised Service Centres are equipped with the tools, expertise and parts that are tailored for every Honda, so that you get the quality and excellence you deserve. The benefits of visiting a Honda Authorised Service Centre include:

Quality Assurance Tools And Standards
Standard Service Transaction

The key to Honda's commitment to your satisfaction is the Standard Service Transaction, an operations manual that entails every step to serve you better and provide your car with the best care, from the moment you book an appointment until your next visit to us.

  • We keep track of every customer's record with an extensive database including your maintenance records so that we stay up to date with your Honda.

  • Our Service Advisors will attend to your concerns about your Honda, run diagnostics and advise you on the next course of action to ensure what's best for your Honda.

  • The moment we attend to your Honda, every servicing is bound to strict quality standards and goes through a senior technician's seal of approval before we hand the keys back to you.

  • To ensure that your Honda is in pristine condition, we also protect your steering wheel, fender and seats from possible dents and scratches.

  • When the maintenance is done, we ensure that you understand the repairs and servicing made.

  • We always appreciate your feedback after every maintenance to guarantee our service standards.

  • While you're waiting for your car, kick back and relax in the customer area, equipped with satellite TV, or help yourself to some free refreshments we have provided for you.

Honda Interface Module (HIM)

Anytime a Honda is brought in for maintenance, it is inspected with the Honda Interface Mode (HIM), a diagnostic tool specially created to restore all computerised parts up to manufacturing standards.

Customised Workshop Manual

The Customised Workshop Manual is a systematic procedure that is unique to Honda Authorised Service Centres. All Honda technicians abide by this stringent set of guidelines that are regularly updated to ensure all maintenance work and repairs are performed.

It details the technical specifications for each Honda model, its repair procedures and contains a troubleshooting guide for a proper car diagnosis. It is so meticulous that technicians are even provided with steps on how to install parts in reversed order.

A dedicated team of experts
  • Our Service Centres are made up of qualified technicians with certified technical college backgrounds, who are led by senior experts in the automotive technology.

  • Training sessions in diagnostics, maintenance work and repairs are held on a regular basis for all Service Centre personnel.

Honda Original Parts
  • We only use genuine parts for your Honda so that it is restored to the same exact standards as the manufacturer.

  • Parts are designed for unrivalled performance and manufactured to stringent Quality System standards.

  • PMSS parts are specially formulated and designed by Honda R&D and are proven to be superior to conventional or non-genuine parts.

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