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Honda Transmission Fluids

Specially designed for Honda's automatic and constant variable transmissions, the Honda genuine transmission fluids offer protection against extreme temperatures, lubricate gears and bushings, and provide correct frictional response to optimise Honda's transmission performance.

Honda Genuine ATF DW-1 (Automatic Transmission Fluid) Honda Genuine CVTF (Continuously Variable Transmission Fluid)
Specially developed by Honda R&D for Honda Automatic Transmission Specially developed by Honda R&D for Honda Continuous Variable Transmission
Superior Extended Maintenance Interval Seizure resistance
Reduced gear change shift shock Effective wear prevention
Anti-shudder stability Increased torque capacity
Special anti foam properties Judder prevention (initial, life)
Offer seal compatibility Improved gear durability

Changing Transmission Fluids Regularly

It's important to change your transmission fluids regularly as even genuine transmission fluids lose their effectiveness over time. The easiest way to do this is to visit your Honda dealer and let a trained technician change your transmission fluids.